At SVZ Internal Performance Center we don't conform to any particular training style. We understand each individual is unique and,

therefore, requires a custom fit approach. Particularly important is the principle of Microprogression® designated by RTS®

Microprogression® represents the idea that exercises should be progressed in the smallest and most reasonable steps. While many in

the fitness industry pride themselves on how challenging they can make a workout, we understand there is a major difference between

an exercise that is difficult and one that is both appropriate and effective. 







(MAT​™) is a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to develop efficient muscle contraction(s). The MAT™ 

premise is that a muscle’s health (demonstrated by its ability to contract efficiently) is important for normal movement. Any loss of muscle 
contraction efficiency may be demonstrated as a loss of motion and decreased physical performance, which may lead to subjective 
complaints and/or the loss of physical capabilities. The MAT™ Certified Specialist is trained to perform several force application techniques 
to the body. When it has been determined through testing that a muscle has lost its efficient contractile ability, precise forces 
are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency. 


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is one of the methods of stretching most used by today's athletes, massage therapists,

personal/athletic trainers, and professionals. AIS allows the body to repair itself and also to prepare for daily activity. The AIS technique

involves the method of holding each stretch for only two seconds. This method of stretching is also known to work with the body's

natural physiological makeup to improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints and fascia. 

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SVZ Internal Performance Center offers educational courses for exercise professionals who are looking to add exceptional value to their

clients. Our education process is designed to help you understand exercise mechanics from a physics and anatomical perspective

rather than relying on tradition and protocols often offered by popular organizations. We are also South Florida's Hub for the

Resistance Training Specialist® Practical Program.

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SVZ Internal Performance Center is a proud distributor of Designs for Health professional products. From raw material selection through

manufacturing, to shipping of the finished product, Designs for Health adheres to the strictest of quality control standards to ensure that

customers receive consistently pure and effective nutritional supplements every time they order. Designs for Health guarantees every

nutritional supplement  is evaluated and monitored for potential contaminants, is analyzed to confirm the quantity of all dietary

ingredients, and is manufactured at FDA inspected facilities.   (954) 475-7771

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