Frequently asked questions

Other fitness centers claim to offer custom exercise too. How is SVZ any different?

Indeed most fitness centers will advertise their trainers as the best with the best certifications. Custom exercise for many trainers often means nothing more than substituting a box jump for jumping on a curb if you're a senior. We investigate whether someone should be jumping in the first place by ensuring the individual has control over thier ankles, knees, and spine. This requires in-depth understanding of joint forces and anatomy. This is entirely absent in nearly every certification and college curriculum. We understand that our mere claim to having the ability to best help you has little value. This is why we always offer our first session free so that you can experience the difference for yourself before committing. We our confident you will notice a significant difference over the industry's standard.

While most facilities claim to have an All-Star personal training staff, SVZ Internal Performance Center is the only facility devoted to Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques™ and trains under the principles of the Resistance Training Specialist® Program. MAT™ and RTS® are unique in that they are the only programs that provide in depth education on the physical applications of force, which when dealing with the complexities of the human body, is essential knowledge.

Does SVZ only cater to those with injury or pain?

While many of our clients seek us out due concern over injuries or structural abnormalities, we work with individuals on all levels. Because of our background in exercise physics and knowledge of the musculoskeletal system we can serve a very diverse clientele from seniors to professional athletes. In addition, once symptoms of pain and discomfort are present, it is a sign that an issue has already progressed too long. Ironically, this is often the result of our exercise choices. Unfortunately, we tend to wait until symptoms become unbearable or until injury occurs to seek answers.

With that said we are not in the business of pain treatment. Pain is a symptom that can be much easier masked through the use of medication. We aim to improve joint stability though a better functioning muscular system. The result of a better functioning muscular system is a higher tolerance to physical stress and less vulernability to dysfunction that eventually cause discomfort or pain. Pain is something that most people falsely believe is a normal side effect of exercise and aging.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Our policy is that if you are not happy you should be allowed to leave. The clients we have are people who want to be here. We don't want you to come in because a piece of paper is threatening your credit history. A large portion of our clients have been here many years because they understand exercise is a life long process, not a get rich quick scheme. We only want serious clients because that is ultimately what's required for continuous and sustainable progress. We want our clients to feel BETTER and IMPROVE every time they leave. Our pricing is based on a simple per session cost, which varies per trainer. Buy as little or as many sessions as you wish. Some choose to pay as they go and others prefer to pay in advance for the month, but we never hold you hostage with a contract.

What does Internal Performance mean?

The term Performance is often associated with an external action such as sprinting, jumping, playing a sport, or even just playing with your children and grandkids. However, it's the stuff on the inside you don't see that determines your ability to "perform" these functions. Although we are used to things such as our phones, microwaves, and remotes to operating with a push of a button, it is the stuff on the inside that make it work. The operational status (function) and tolerance of the internal components are required to orchestrate gross movement. The pieces! What does one HAVE available to generate the external performance? "Avail-ability"! This is why sounds bites regarding fitness and believing certain exercises are superior to others is often the reason people never progress or get hurt in gyms. Furthermore, we believe personal trainers who become emotionally attached to a particular method or style of exercise and force their clients to conform are exhibiting malpractice.

Do you provide programs?

SVZ apprached exercise as a process not a program. Each session is designed to build off the previous one. That's the difference between just doing a workout and have a strategic plan. You can find a "program" anywhere. There is no shortage of workouts on the internet and in fitness magazines with predetermined exercises and numbers associated with them. Since there is no one size fits all answer to fitness we tailor each exercise around the individual not the other way around. Our goal is to educate you and give you the knowledge to make informed decisions and avoid confusion of what to do when exercising on your own. There is simply more to it than meets the eye.

How often and how long do I need to Exercise?

How often will vary greatly by individual and is heavily influenced by the client's level of health and lifestyle factors. While MAT™ is an amazing tool nothing can out weigh poor lifestyle choices. Clients who eat well, are less stressed, stay hydrated, get adequate sleep, make appropriate exercise choices, and adhere to the practitioner’s recommendations typically respond much better to treatment. If you are continuing with the activity that contributed to the problem in the first place, it may be wise to discontinue this activity for a period of time and allow the body to heal. Your MAT™ practitioner will discuss what frequency is most appropriate for you. As with exercise, results don't last forever if you stop working out. In order to keep your muscular system functioning optimally we recommend MAT™ as a part of continuing healthy lifestyle.

Do you offer group classes?

No. SVZ Internal Performance Center is a private one-on-one only exercise enviornment. Our operation is designed for a complety customized exercise experience, which is dimisinshed in group settings.

Ok I'm Interested but what about cost?

We understand finances are a consideration when choosing to work with a personal trainer. However, keep in mind that your health is one investment not worth skimping on. In fact, the irony is many of our clients have sought us out having wasted thousands of dollars only to have thier bodies beat up by another trainer. Rest assured our exercise professionals are among the most highly educated and credentailed in the world having invested tens of thousands of dollars to obtain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the musculoskeletal system, joint mechanics, human anatomy, and physics. Our prices start at $100 and vary by trainer with absolutley no contracts. Compare this to most commerical gyms that offer training packages ranging from $60 - $85 and require binding contracts and large upfront lump sums of money to get the lower end price. The majority of the time your initial meeting is with a sales associate hired to negotiate using high presured tactics similar to purchasing a car. You will then meet with a trainer that has often only had the bare minimuim requirements in terms of education, usually a weekend course, and in most cases, paid minimum wage or slightly higher. The turnover rate is high and there are often countless complaints of trainers texting, yelling at clients, instructing their clients to do inappropriate exercises, showing up late, or not paying attention at all. Phone call inquires about price are meet with runaround answers to force you to come in. Consider this when prices being on average are only 20%-30% difference from ours. You don't have to take our word for it. We are so confidenent that you will immeditaly notice a substantial difference in quality that we welcome all new inquiries a FREE session on us to "Experience the Difference."

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance at this time.