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  • Explore the real factors in LE alignment assessment and adjustment (it's not the foot and knee, it's the knee joint!)
  • Distinguish between the knee and the patella-femoral joint and how keeping you knee behind your toe doesn't solve the problem because it has nothing to do with your toe!
  • Identify Valgus and Q-angle and modify forces via delivery and resistance-joint alignment
  • Explore hip, knee and ankle function and output
  • Examine single joint and multi-joint pressing strength profiles and create appropriate resistance profiles
  • Identify the effects of an individual's structure on squats and how to customize set-up and execution
  • Learn truly progressive and skillful balance training techniques: the last thing to do to improve balance is try to balance!! (and learn why the foot is the key, not the core!!)
  • Do!
  • Teach!

RTS Foundations: Lower Extremity: December 14-15, 2024: Register at

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