Burpees Are Overrated

✅Repeatedly throwing yourself to the ground and immediately getting back up to jump in the air for the sake of calorie burning? ✅Here’s some perspective. You earned about one slice of pepperoni pizza per half hour of burpee’s. 🍕If you’re doing Burpee’s for 30 minutes consecutively you’re either an Olympian, hate yourself, or a psychopath. ✅When broken down into pieces people often place their spine in a compromised position, take the brunt of full inertial forces into the shoulder, and jam their wrists into extension. ✅It’s a “total-body exercise“ sound bite is a drastically overused statement that lacks context. Every exercise essentially uses the entire body, but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly effective at challenging or improving anything. ✅Burpee’s are not designed to maintain tension on any muscle long enough to make it stronger.💪🏻 ✅There are plenty of ways to challenge your cardiovascular endurance with much more control and with much less risk. ✅If you just like doing them have at it, but “trainers” can we please stop forcing them on clients that hate burpees and lack the tolerance to handle them! Throwing them into sessions just to implement some haphazard form of fatigue doesn’t prove you’re a kick ass trainer. It shows a lack of thought process and intellect.

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