Stop Making Fitness A Sport

Sports and competition were not methods intended to make you fit. If they were you’d see athlete’s bodies improving over time not breaking down. There would no need for sports medicine, athletic trainers, therapy, taping, bracing, icing, etc. You wouldn’t feel tight, sluggish, sore, or require anti inflammatories, or surgery to get through it.

The number of orthopedic injuries and complaints in people are rising and happening at younger and younger ages because the sports/competition mindset has bleed into the fitness world and spreading like a cancer.

“Training hard” should not be synonymous with training stupid. There are a staggering number of facilities popping up, marketing to young, already “fit looking” people promoting HIIT training. As if the benefits of interval exercise required slinging sledge hammers, flipping monster truck tires, slamming ropes, frog leaping and mindless jumping and running around. I get it, it’s fun! However, fun does not mean without consequence. If you have a “flat earth” “auto pilot” view of exercise then this is post likely to anger you due to your own emotional attachment to this trend. For those who understand joint forces or have learned the hard way to appreciate the value of joint function you get it. This doesn’t mean all boot camps and classes are bad. It just means if your an instructor let’s have some forethought in your choices and stop picking exercises solely based off memorization and levels of fatigue. That’s amateur hour. Anyone can make your clients tired. Your job is to make them better.

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