Judging A Trainer By Their Looks Is Like Picking a Dentist Based Because Someone Has Nice Teeth

Someone once told me that judging a trainer SOLELY by how they look physically is like asking someone to be your dentist because they have nice teeth. Who cares if they went to school? Clearly you would trust them to do your root canal right?

We often make ill-advised assumptions about people because our eyes tend to deceive us. Genetics, nutrition, PED‘s, and really any consistent stimulation to your muscles play an enormous role in one’s aesthetic appearance.

Just because someone “seems to look the part” or what they do “seems to work” doesn’t mean their approach is void of undesired side effects that undermine your attempt for long-term success. In other words, how they look has no bearing on whether they understand the idiosyncrasies of YOUR body.

The effects that your exercise choices have on the inside matters. Joint forces matter. Joint integrity matters. The quality of each rep matters. Most importantly customizing exercise to fit YOUR body matters.

I realize the genetically high tolerant individuals (The Jillian Michaels types) may not fully appreciate or connect with that thought process; at least until they can no longer participate in exercise the way they are used to and are finally forced to start asking questions. However, for the hordes of individuals that genuinely need exercise (take a look at obesity and orthopedic statistics these days) because their health literally depends on it, their exercise approach is absolutely the difference between them functioning better or succumbing to life.

While many may dismiss this, my clients including those with severe scoliosis, spinal stenosis, fused spine’s, knee replacements, hip replacements, and my 90-year-old client appreciate the hell out of it because, the irony, it was years of sports and mindless exercise that led them to appreciate all that “inside stuff” you can’t see or chose to ignore.

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