What Is Fit To You?

Many heated debates in fitness industry are a result of different perceptions on exactly what being fit and/or healthy means. For example, if you believe being fit is merely having a muscular physique or having the endurance to complete a daily high intensity, high volume workout then you’ll probably have a hard time understanding the criticism of CrossFit. On the other hand, if you believe being fit entails something a bit more in depth such as the ability to move well and maintaining the integrity of your joints over the long haul then you’ll probably hate CrossFit and everything it stands for.

While only you can decide for yourself what’s important to you, it is the responsibility of all fitness professionals to do research and educate clients on the risks and benefits of all forms of exercise without injecting personal bias.

This post is not meant to claim everyone who does CrossFit has degenerative joints, that moderate exercise doesn’t provide physical results, or that you must sacrifice one for the other. None of that is true. It is simply meant to highlight that, in order to move forward, we must stop letting emotional attachments and personal perceptions prevent reason.

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