Osteoarthritis: Is it Your Problem or a Symptom of a Problem?

Thought of the Day:

It’s troubling how many seniors I see on a daily basis hobbling around in pain. Knees, hips, and feet are aching and they all chalk it up to osteoarthritis and simply getting old. Not to say that osteoarthritis isn’t a very real condition and that atrophy doesn’t come with age, but it is all too easily accepted as a condition that that is picked up like a virus during flu season. The questions we must ask are; is the arthritis the problem or a symptom of a problem? Can you avoid this disease by protecting your joints against inappropriate chronic or repetitive stress? Since joint instability can lead to abnormal wear and tear of cartilage and bone, wouldn’t a poorly functioning muscular system be a very big concern considering it is muscles that control joints? If you never serviced your car would you expect it to run optimally or fall apart faster? Now if you drove the car through rough terrain everyday is it likely to last very long? Luckily we can replace automobile parts, but the human body only gets one set of joints and if they are replaced you can bet they will never function as good as the original.

Bottom line is we must maintenance the body with APPROPRIATE exercise to keep it running. The better you take care of it the longer it lasts. If you’re under the age of 40 and dismiss this I can tell you that every 50, 60, 70+-year-old‘s that come to me in pain were once 20, 30-year-olds that said there was nothing wrong with them. It may take a few decades, if you’re lucky, to feel the effects of inappropriate joint stresses. Your exercise choices matter! Consequences are not always immediate!

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