"Hardcore Fitness" Has Nothing To Do With Being Fit

The goal of exercise is generally to become stronger, more tolerant, and better prepared to handle the stresses and forces our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. However, in the age of “hardcore fitness fads” exercise is more often than not leaving us broken down, inflamed, vulnerable, and frustrated due to a lack of sensible progression and “one size fits all” shotgun approaches. A “strenuous workout” doesn’t necessarily correlate with an effective and positive experience for the body. This concept is very difficult to embrace when fitness marketing and popular television programs promote the idea that extreme soreness, exhaustion, and profuse sweating is not only normal, but required to elicit physical change. Others are so emotionally attached to this idea that they will continue to push until their body forces them to slow down either due to pain or injury. What’s even more frightening is this approach is often promoted and encouraged by a trainer or instructor with good intensions, but with a misguided or lack of knowledge concerning joint function and mechanics.

Motivational quotes and tag lines are great for mental inspiration, but that inspiration should be used to focus on the specific needs for YOUR body to progress and not just to see how many burpees, kettle bell swings, or lunges one can complete for time. That is considered sport and/or competition. Exercise and health should neither be seen as a sport or competitive event unless the goal is to compete in that fashion.

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