YOU are NOT your clients!

LOL! Definitely met a few of those. There are certainly a lot of educated fitness professionals who also compete in bodybuilding competitions, but simply being in a competition doesn't qualify someone as an expert on training and educating others towards their goals. YOU are NOT your clients! If you’ve never experienced the struggle of losing 50lbs you can’t possibly relate to someone facing that challenge. If it’s routine for you to eat salmon for breakfast, tuna & celery for lunch, and chicken & broccoli for dinner then your “diet plan” will not translate to someone eating pop tarts for breakfast. The exercises YOU like and that come easy to you should have no bearing on whether your clients should do it. Remember the “personal” part of training? What’s appropriate for the individual? What are they bringing to the table? What’s their current tolerance level (physically & mentally)? What is their goal? All this requires a thought process, a passion for helping others, and much more education than what is currently required by our industry.

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