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There is no evidence to support that eating any particular food directly causes fat gain. Therefore, ice cream, pizza, cake, soda, and candy does not make you fat. Too much of this food makes you fat. In fact, too much of any food will make you fat. That’s not to say these foods are not high in calories, low in nutrients, easily consumed in excess, and very poor choices in terms of looking and feeling your best. I believe most people recognize that. However, I hear a lot of the same statements made for not so obvious foods like avocados, nuts, potatoes, and fruits. Even recently a colleague told me that a fitness competitor coach informed her not to eat grapefruit or cherries because they “have carbs”. Not only are these fruits full of nutrients and fiber, but they are also among the lowest on the glycemic index, meaning they have a minimal impact on blood sugar and, if combined with protein or fat, have even less impact. Cherries and grapefruit are certainly not making anyone fat. Point is just because someone may look the part or had a method work for them doesn’t make he or she an expert on what works for YOU. Their intensions might be good, but that doesn't mean they're correct. Would you trust a surgeon whose only experience was they had a surgery performed on them? Use science to guide your decisions and weed out the rest of the noise.

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