You Will Not Out Exercise Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re training hard to feast later here’s something to consider to keep perspective on what actually drives fat loss. A “vigorous” 30 min workout may burn around 400 cal. The average American consumes 3000 to 4500 calories from Thanksgiving dinner alone. On the hierarchy of importance calories burned is far down the list of all the incredibly great benefits exercise offers. No matter how much this REALITY is shared with people we seem to still hold on to the belief that we can spot reduce trouble spots with weight training and outwork a poor diet with various forms of cardio. The orthopedic detriment associated with sloppy mindless exercise that many people often unknowingly participate in is not worth one what is equivalent to one daily dessert or drink. With that said, one day of indulging will not break you anymore than one healthy day of eating or one workout will make you. So enjoy your day with family and friends and have a blessed holiday.

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