The Consequence Of Making Assumptions

Way too many assumptions are made in regards to exercise prescription simply based on how someone looks on the outside. The body knows more about what’s going on then a personal trainer’s eyes ever will. Compensation is not a problem that needs to be fixed. It’s your body being efficient and adjusting to optimize what it has to work with at that given time. Muscle tightness sensation is not an accident. Restrictions in motion and muscle discomfort have been associated with normal side effects of exercise. Ironically, in many cases, they are actually the affect of inappropriate exercise choices that exceed your current tolerance level. In other words, you over did it. What may look appropriate on the surface of the skin may not be suitable for what lies underneath it. FYI that program you found in a magazine or online wasn’t designed for you even if it is marketed so. Something meant to distribute to everyone rarely fits anyone.

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