Injuries From Exercise Are NOT Normal

This meme sums up the how flawed our thought process is in the fitness industry. The idea of exercise is supposed to be the preservation of our health internally and, yes, you can still build muscle while doing so if you follow the laws of human biomechanics, anatomy, and physics. Many are under the impression that pain and arthritic side effects not only come with the territory, but are actually required if you truly want to be physically fit. This is the meat head mentality that turns the average person away from exercise. Injuries come from following predetermined exercise programs, just mindlessly getting through a workout, manipulating your joints to do things beyond their structural capabilities, ignoring your muscle's current state or tolerance level, not respecting your body's decision to limit motion, attempting to progress too quickly, and following tips from unintelligent memes. Now if we're talking about athletic competition than you will often have push yourself at the detriment of your body, but for the 99.9% of us who don't get a paycheck for playing sports this is a poor way to approach exercise. If you are a self proclaimed meat head who enjoys maxing out on bench press, deadlifting until vomiting, and cooling down with 50 kettle bell swings and burpees on a daily basis then by all means knock yourself out, but injuries are not just a normal side effect of exercise. They are a consequence of the decisions you make in the gym. Now some may interpret this as not challenging yourself or as having a weak minded approach to exercise and that is absolutely not the case being made. The point is there is a risk/reward for every exercise you choose and the reward should always greatly exceed the risk. So choose your choices and be prepared to accept the consequences, but understand that normal and common have two very different meanings.

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