Fitness Industry Markets to "Fit People" and "Real People" are Left Behind

Obesity rates are soaring. Type two diabetes affects over 1.25 million Americans. Over 84 million Americans have prediabetes. Orthopedic conditions impacting more and more individuals and not just the elderly. Yet the fitness industry continues to market to the high tolerant, athletic types and uses them as “proof” that their methods “work.” Box jumps have nothing to do with weight loss. Swinging a kettle bell between your legs has nothing to do with improving internal joint function. Standing on wobbly devices has nothing to do with increasing strength. Uncontrolled and haphazard approaches that “seem to work” may carry many undesired side-effects, and can undermine your attempt for long-term success. That’s not to say that there are not many “fit” people who can do them, but too many “real people” are left in the dust. They need a fitness professional not a tour guide/drill instructor that understands the anatomical realities of the human body and musculoskeletal mechanics in order to custom fit exercise to them rather than forcing them into their biased predetermined method for fitness. This way the “real people” can benefit from exercise and are not just sitting home “liking” their “fit friends” fitness posts. Your “fit friends” exercise methods are not proof that what they’re doing works no matter how they look or how innovative it may appear. They can just tolerate the joint forces that may injure you early on for a longer period of time. Rest assured it will catch up to them too.

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