There is No Such Thing as Fat Loss Exercises

There are no fat loss exercises. Although cardio equipment is marketed that way, it is important to realize that, in order to get the most productivity out of those machines, you need an optimal functioning system of joints and strong muscles. If you have knees, hips, and feet with poor tolerance to force your treadmill or elliptical can become detrimental to your body. In other words, the risk outweighs the supposed benefits.

Even if your primary goal is to burn fat, your focus should be to build a body that burns more calories all the time. That means incorporating strategic progressive resistance training because how many calories you burn in a single bout of cardio is only a small piece of the more important big picture.

To correlate cardio exercise with fat loss is a very flat earth view. How many calories you burn at the end of the day relative to how many you consume is all that matters in terms of weight loss. A strong functioning muscular system means a more active energy burning system all the time. You need more horsepower!

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