Fitness Facilities Are Often The Same Book With A Different Cover

This is a national problem, but here in South FL you can throw a rock and hit some type of fitness/weight loss business. Each have different names for their facilities and classes they offer. However, it's often the same service disguised as a different package. All promising to beat the fat off you, get you shredded, and give you the best/toughest workout you've ever had. Each will have a group of high tolerant members who will vouch for their effectiveness and praise their trainer as the best. The ones you won't hear from are those who quickly fell off due to the complete inappropriateness of the workout compared to where they are physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many will say this article is a rare incident and they don't push people beyond their limits. Those same people often soak in the glory of how tough their workouts are for people and how sore their clients are as if that's the standard for professional whose job it is to appropriately progress clients while doing no harm. The sad truth are trainers are more often than not merely learning different varieties of exercises and completely unaware of the joint forces that accompany them. They are educating themselves through YouTube or simply copying the advise and/or workouts from their favorite mentors, who are equally as misinformed. They are not helping people obtain better long-term health. In fact, health is often sacrificed for the sake of the workout, which is pretty ironic. You end up with motivational cheerleaders with little to no understanding of the intricacy of the musculoskeletal system. That is a dangerous combo and considered malpractice in any other health field. That's not to say all trainers have bad intentions, but there is most definitely a lack of questioning the methods they're being taught and rarely is anyone willing to reason, especially if they are making money with their current model. This has lead to trainers and fitness business to force all their customers that require a truly customized approach into a style or program they are selling. Until we get a grip on this you will hear more stories similar to this one.

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