Fitness is Not A Sport! Sports are not Fitness!

Fitness is not a sport!

Sports are not fitness!

In sports you're expected to sacrifice your body's health to achieve an external goal (e.g. numbers, times, points, etc.)

In fitness you're supposed to be improving your body's health to optimize and sustain your internal function (e.g. joints, cartilage, muscle, etc.)

In sports, if it hurts you're expected to ignore it and push through

In fitness, if it hurts you're supposed to reconsider your methods.

If we keep approaching fitness like a sport (mindless execution of exercises, counting reps, jumping on boxes, flipping truck tires, etc.) with the idea it will turn us into athletes then the only thing we'll have in common with them is the ridiculous list of injuries they deal with well past their retirement. We won't share their wealth or skills or even be able to tolerate the injuries to the extent they do due to their genetics.

This is not to discourage or scare you away from recreational sports and activities. These are merely considerations when you think about why you exercise in the first place.

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