5 Reasons to SKIP Your Workout

People will come up with a million reasons why they can’t workout. Most are just excuses, but here are 5 reasons you might get a pass.

1. You Have a Fever

Studies have shown that light exercise can actually boost the immune system. However, if you have a fever or flu symptoms you may be better off skipping your workout and getting some rest. Intense exercise when sick will diminish your ability to fight off viruses. Remember, your bodies’ first priority is survival. Health will always take precedence over fat loss and muscle gain. In addition, going to a gym full of people puts others at risk by spreading germs on machines and free weights.

2. You Have Pain

If you have a legitimate injury or pain associated with a movement DON’T do it. You don’t have to miss your workout all together, but if it is shoulder day and you experienced pain brushing your hair in the morning overhead barbell presses might be a bad idea. You can still find ways to work out within the constraints of your physical limitations. However, forcing a movement just because it’s on your agenda for the day is asking for trouble and may lead to a serious injury that puts you on the shelf for weeks or months. This is where having a qualified personal trainer can help you modify your workout so that it’s safe and still effective.

3. You Didn’t Sleep

I’ve had numerous clients come into an early session after not sleeping or sleeping very little the night before. Whether it’s work, a domestic argument, or just plain insomnia, getting under 5 hours of sleep will leave you at a physiological disadvantage during your workout. REM sleep is when your body balances itself hormonally and mentally. There is a ton of research on the importance of sleep. Most people don’t get enough quality rest, but if you’re sleepwalking into your session you’re better off hitting the snooze button.

4. Your Lightheaded or Dizzy

These may be signs you’re dehydrated or have low blood sugar. If you're experiencing these symptoms make sure you’re drinking water and aviod long gaps without food prior to exercise, especially if your workout is outdoors. Exercising in a hot environment will only further dehydrate you and increase your risk of heatstroke. Listen to your body.

5. You Have an Upset Stomach

Chances are if you have an upset stomach you probably ate or drank something you shouldn’t have which is more reason to get your butt in the gym. However, if you’re vomiting or experiencing severe diarrhea, you’re already on your way to dehydration and exercise may only make it worse. A healthy digestive system plays a critical role in overall health. If you’re having chronic digestive issues you’re likely spinning wheels in the gym anyway. Take a closer look at your nutrition. It should be priority in your quest for fat loss anyway.

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