The Forgotten Fitness Tip

It is often said that with great despair and tragic moments comes great lessons in life and the best of the human spirit is brought out. Unfortunately, it often takes a tragic event to open our eyes to what’s truly important to us. We put ourselves through tremendous stress everyday worrying about the small stuff, one of which is our physical appearance. This got me thinking of all the thousands of fitness tips out there geared to help you achieve a better life, so I would like to share the biggest fitness tip I or anyone else could ever give you.

We all strive so hard to become what we envision our perfect self to be. Fitness is not only about chiseled arms or ripped abs. Being fit and healthy is state of happiness within oneself. There is a direct correlation between your state of mental wellbeing and your physical body. Some of the happiest people I ever met were over weight and live long vibrant lives while marathon runners have suffered heart attacks and died. We only get one body and one life. Make sure you treat them right because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. If you’re unhappy CHANGE IT. Forgive everyone and do something everyday for someone else. Your life will never be the same. Positive energy is contagious. It's even backed by science. Be the person who lights up the room when you walk in not the one who sucks it dry. Enjoy time with your family and friends, laugh and don’t take life so serious.

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