Top 10 Female Fitness Mistakes

They rely solely on areobic group classes and avoid lifting weights. Contrary to what many women think lifting weights will not make them “big” or “bulky”. The vast majority of women simply lack the testosterone production to build large amounts of mass. How much muscle you have is one of the best predictors of lifespan. In addition, increased muscle has been shown to drastically reduce the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and osteoporosis. Weight training is also essential for achieving the lean physique most women desire. For every lb of muscle you gain you burn an extra 50 calories a day leading to a lower body fat percentage. Bottom line is if you want to live a longer healthier life and look good doing it-LIFT WEIGHTS.

  1. They eat breakfast cereals. Due to their impact on blood sugar levels cereals are considered high glycemic or simple carbohydrates. Misinformation through advertising has lead people to believe a bowl of cheerios, shredded wheat, or cornflakes in skim milk is the most optimal start to the day. In fact, eating cereals everyday may lead to looking more like the box it comes in than the model eating it in the commercial. Incorporate protein and a small amount of healthy fat to your breakfast to you’re your blood sugar stable and from overeating later in the day.

  2. They avoid fat. Many women avoid fat still believing it’s the devil in disguise. Once and for all EATING FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. In actuality, it’s your body’s response to excess carbohydrates that leads to a surge in insulin production, thus inhibiting fat loss. Incorporating healthy fats during the day will help stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you fuller longer. The benefits of Omega 3’s are overwhelmingly backed by science and increasing your consumption may help you get leaner.

  3. They never change their routine. The body must be challenged to create change and, once it adapts, a new stimulus is required to avoid stagnation. Variations don’t need to be extreme. Small appropriate modifications to your grip, stance, volume, and intensity are both beneficial for muscle growth and joint health.

  4. They take the hardest group class they can to make up for a gap in training or a bad weekend of eating. While not challenging yourself doesn’t allow for positive adaptations, gong full on Rocky Balboa isn’t the way to go either. Everyone wants immediate results, but jumping in head first with no consideration of progression will leave you sore and unmotivated to stay consistent. Contrary to popular belief soreness does not indicate a good workout. It is actually an indication of a degree of injury and inflammation. No matter how fast you want to change the body can only adapt in very small increments. Consistency and proper progression is the true key to long-term success.

  5. They jump on every diet fad their friends do. Fads come and go. The reason they come is they promise quick fixes. The reason they go is because they are rarely sustainable or based on any real scientific data.

  6. They eat too many low calorie snacks. A 100-calorie bag of Chips Ahoy or Yoplait is still 100 calories of sugar full and artificial ingredients. Yes calories matter, but the quality of your food is what will determine how satisfied you are with what you see in the mirror. Don’t drive yourself crazy calorie counting. Rather focus on eating foods closest to their natural source. Those who eat quality foods rarely overeat.

  7. They walk on the treadmill or Stairmaster FOREVER. There is solid research supporting the superiority of high intensity interval training for cardio. Not only does it burn more calories in a shorter time, but it also creates a positive hormonal response for fat loss. While an exercise you enjoy is likely one you will stick too try to mix is up a bit by alternating higher and lower intensity bouts for shorter durations. If you can read a magazine article or watch television while on a machine you are not doing cardio.

  8. They go the gym to socialize. It’s great to have a gym partner to motivate you especially when one of you isn’t feeing up for training. However, if your trip to the gym is more of a gossip session with your girlfriends than a training session don’t expect to get much out of it. Your gums shouldn’t be doing more reps than your limbs. Chatting and fashion are for nightclubs. Unfortunately, the scene in most commercial gyms these days sometimes makes it difficult to tell the difference.

  9. They simply never get to the gym. Many times juggling work, mom, and wife duties leaves little time for much else. However, prioritizing your health can help improve all other aspects in your life. If mama ain’t happy no one’s happy. Make time for yourself or down the road health issues will force you to make time.

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