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In this course we will explore joint structure and discuss how the many structural variations of the pelvis, hip, knee, and ankle influence function. Understanding what is occurring beneath the skin or acquiring an “inside view” of human anatomy is vital for developing a thought process and making educated exercise decisions that fits the individual needs of your clients.


This is a hands on course. We will identify muscle attachment sites and you will explore the lower body’s muscular capabilities throughout each anatomical plane on a skeletal model. This goes far beyond simply memorizing muscles and a list of actions, which is impractical at best. Class will conclude with an examination of each muscle’s capability and role during common exercises on the gym floor. We will discuss how this knowledge may change your perspective and on what you're “working” and and how that may influence your set up and cues during exercise. 

Muscle Anatomy & Function: Lower Extremity

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  • Because the majority of time is true hands-on, enrollment is limited to a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 4. 

    -Class date is not guaranteed until 4 students register. 

    -Do NOT make flights arrangements until you are notified of class confirmation 4 weeks prior. 

    -Due to the minimum registration requirements there are no refunds or transfers for registration fees if you cancel or no show when there are only 4 registrants. This class is dependent upon you!

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